Monday, November 11, 2013

Favorites : Songs and Movie as of the moment|Current skincare/Makeup favorites|Last month's haul|Last cutoff haul|What happened on my birthday|Wishlists/To buy

The lippies post to be continued tomorrow :)

For now, just random update. what i have done the past few weeks/month :)

Favorites : Songs and Movie as of the moment : 

Attention - Trouble Maker
Now - Trouble Maker
Get Out - AOA
Heirs OST sang by Hongki

Movies :

Current skincare/Makeup favorites :

Haven't hauled makeup products recently. I'm contented by the combination of the above for holding my oily skin.
And yeah i bet the skin79 is legit!
judged by it's performance. Yes it is.

Last month's haul :

My hair color was the first one from the left, while i am aiming at the first one from the right.

Last cutoff haul :

What happened on my birthday : 

Bought by my dad!

This was mom's early gift the bags only

another present from parents

my gift/rewards to my self :

Google and facebook friends greeted me! ;)

Wishlists/To buy :


Park Chan Seul said...

i lover the shirt with crosses and belated happy birthday :)

Park Chan Seul said...

Thanks! that's actually a dress,i love it too. So rare and got it very cheap! haha

Park Chan Seul said...

ah dress pala siya

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