Monday, November 11, 2013

Han Ryu Pre-orders!

** Disclaimer : This post was created for my blog and  for the appreciation i want to express for Han Ryu (Korean Cosmetics Facebook Shop) in great customer service they have given, as well as to help my co-bloggers/beauty conscious to know that they are legit and selling authentic products and where they can be found. **

Han Ryu (Korean Cosmetics Facebook Shop) has great customer service, it's really comfortable asking for price inquiries, and she's really patient, i can't drop off the mall for the payment since i'm working for midshift hours, so i asked for a little favor to pay her and get the items in a different way. 

The patience you need for pre-orders must be big, and to me that does not have those previously. I have learned it since i started wanting item that are only for pre-orders, so if i were you, if you are not willing to wait. Then just no, if you're gonna bug the seller.

My orders :

Caolion T-zone pore pack in Red - 753 php
Caolion Sleeping Pore Pack  - 1,230 php

These are freebies : (P.S. Thanks you so much, sis!)

I am now preparing my pre-orders list! haha. :)


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