Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I lost my Samsung Note 1 at Landmark, Glorietta. :(

I can't believe i lost it at that place.

2 incidents of big lost has happened to me this year.

To think that before we go to ayala, we drop goods for yolanda victims in ABS-CBN! urgh i can't believe that after what i have done this was the result.

i was actually shopping that time, i was really looking after my bag but the time i wasn't aware maybe, it's their opportunity to get it. P.S, they did not took my wallet, or maybe the times's up.

I'm sad, ofcourse it's given. I miss what's in the phone. but i have to move on. that day i was shopping  and after that day i shopped as well to lift off the sad atmosphere.

I shopped at Etude, i am not in my right mind as i was planning to buy a red lipstick, orange one and a blush of orange but look what i got! hahaha

 Well, i might get iphone5 so it would be less atractive to those theifs.


Park Chan Seul said...

Awwww seul when did this happen T_T I'm sorry some petty thief stole it. But to be honest big phones like galaxy note did attract thieves attention :( get iPhone next? ^^ but wow you shopped a lot haha. You bought some stuff from ├ętude house store. Isn't it more expensive on stores? Message or LINE me when you get your new phone ok

Park Chan Seul said...

It happened last saturday,yes i think i must do some changes i'll be getting my iphone tonight, i'll message you :) Yes some of it are a bit more expensive but i'm really lonely to mind it that day. haha.

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