Monday, November 11, 2013

Lime Crime in Chinchilla

I did this back when i was sick, so you can notice the photo of mine in the entire set of these lipstick reviews, looking tired. No makeup on. Just lipstick.

Let's do the talk! ;)

Lime Crime in Chinchilla

Swatch on paper and on-hand :
 the right side.

Likes :

Lasts on me
Slides Easily
I love love love the smell! makes me want to eat them!

Dislikes :
the color can't be worn everyday

Where to buy :

How much : 
under 750 php


Park Chan Seul said...

Wow, the colour is very bold! I don't think I could pull that off haha, but it looks pretty on you^-^

Would you like to come and join my first every giveaway? The prize is from Etude House, it's not huge, but I'd really appreciate it if you entered! x

Park Chan Seul said...

Thank you! yes i'll be joining :)

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