Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Haul

Brace yourselves! 

i might do a massive posting tonight! hahaha :)

because i have discovered a way to watermark my photos here in iphone, well it's not as easy as you think because i don't have a way to purchase the app so i have been using the free one,meaning to say i have to crop out the watermark of the app after i have placed mine. (wishes somebody could gift that app to me,haha) 

app name : iwaterfree

so i'll just post what i have gathered. i really love reading/seeing other peoples hauls you know it's kind of my way of knowing what's trending or what the bloggers interest too :) so i hope you do enjoy mine too :)

holika holika heartful moisture lipstick and love fantasy blush in red. 

marionnaud brushes!! yey! they are retractable lip and powder brush :)

in2it eyebrow powder - amazing!
in2it blush in affinity?
ever bilenas retractable lip brush - NG (Not Good) for me.

Majolica Majorca puff de cheek in apricot macaron,and powder refill. 
Holika Holika retractable powder brush and air puff,marionnaud nail cutter and watsons blackhead remover.

7-eleven disney cuties music box :)

michi lipstick oh i mean powerbank! haha

girl shoppe cat blouse :)

charlie's dress and hepburn sunnies!

armando caruso's hankies :)

bazaar tops and a skater skirt

basic needs from watsons :)

woah theres a lot to review! a lot of NG's also :|

please be patient :)

happy birthday to onew oppa! ;)


Park Chan Seul said...

you haul a lot again :)

Park Chan Seul said...

it's december anyway wishlistsssss hahaha :)

Park Chan Seul said...

December! yes a reason to indulge :D

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