Monday, December 16, 2013

Michi Powerbank

yo! annyeong haseyo! hahaha :)

so here i have bought it at greenhills for 850 php (2800mah) originally proced at 900php but the seller gave me a discount. 

it has a one year warranty as well just keep the packaging and receipt. 

if we do the math,iphone 5 has 1440mah and the powerbank i had was at 2800 mah only. 

it should charge the phone 1 full round and the second round should have been around 50-70%, right? sorry i hate math. hahahahaha!

so this powerbank lits up at red i think left side of the usb plug (red) for charging and blue for full charge.

i like the size,it's like a lipstick or concealer something haha :)

in the package : the powerbank,puch and usb cable.

where i bought it :

closeup address :

when charging/empty battery :

when charging done/full battery :

very travel friendly! loving it so much ;)


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