Monday, December 23, 2013

So what if it is fake?

ho ho ho.. the article title got you right?

well there' been a lot of fakes out there right now, you know this tagline if you are avoiding them "Singapore authentic" well mostly benefit products and naked palettes are victims.

but you know last time i went to one of the famous places here in the Philippines for cheap goods, i'm quite surprised even Korean cosmetics has fakes!

well we all know that skin79 has a lot but not etude house and others! 

oh well for the sake of safe and authentic shopping just trust the seller you've been buying even before this kcosmetics bandwagon.

so speaking of benefit,i will be buying a us authentic one and an sg version i will let you know how to spot a fake in this blog ok? i've been digging bella bamba and dandelion..

and i'm kind of curious as well on how does the fakes texture and everything. 

i might also get some palettes.. haha! not that i am into fake buying i'm just curious and for the sake of information.

and here are my 2013 year end wish-list!

now, how come lime crime doesn't have any fakes? hahahha!


Park Chan Seul said...

Giveaway on my blog!!!!welcome!!

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