Monday, December 23, 2013

The best of 2013

hello lovelies!

i will now start to wrap up.. meaning uhm i will show you what's the best and worsts of my 2013 cosmetics life, this might be partial.. i'll be resharing if i have an update. this post is mainly for the best, the worst will post it later this week.

for me it looks complete already but if you think i missed up something just comment below (except for bronzers and highlighters : i do not use those items)

in random order :

the best scents of 2013 :
Etude House Shinee's minime (Key)
Purple Curve
Vera Wang Princess
Etude House

the best hair treatments 2013 :
found at watsons..

the best masks of 2013 :
Etude House Sleeping Pack
Ciracle Jeju Volcanic clay mask
Caolions t-pore pore mask,pore sleeping pack and t-zine pore pack

the best skincare 2013 :
holika holika aqua max moisture cream
ciracle blackhead off sheet,pore control tightening serum and blackhead soap (not in picture)

the best toner of 2013 :
bifesta sebum cleansing serum
etude house wonder pore freshener

the best bb creams of 2013:
skin79 super bb orange
holika holika milky veil pore cover bb

the best brushes 2013:
marionnaud brushes
holika holika brush

the best brow and mascara of 2013:

etude house top coat
etude house 3 step eyes in brown
in2it brow powder
majolica majorca browcara
etude house browcara in red brown

the best eyeshadow/eyeliner of 2013:
the face shop freebie lovely me eyeshadow in orange
sansan eyeshadows
periperas liner set
dreamgirl eyeshadow

the best fave powders 2013:
majolica majorca pore remaker
ciracle secret sebum and innisfree no sebum (not in picture)
sansan pressed powder transferred to another empty etude house blotting case.

the best blushes of 2013:
majolica majorca apricot macaron
holika holika love fantasy blush in red

the best lippies of 2013:
holika holika heartful moisture lipstick
sansan lippies in 6 and 8
rinmel london kate moss in 112.

the best of primer and random cosmetic of 2013:
holika oil queen cotton priner
lioele secret pore balm
holika holika bloom in multi balm for goid sleep
holika curler and eyebrow razor (not in picture) 
it's skin macaron lipbalm in grape

the worsts preview :

they are not worst by quality but they just did not fit my expectation and my needs.


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