Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year Ender Post : Happy New Year!

Happy New Year lovelies!

i had a very rich 2013 until up to this moment. rich by experience, really thankful for that :)

for all the people who read this blog, enjoyed the moment with me.. thank you guys,sincerely. because i am ending this year with 50,000++ views! you are the best!

to my fellow kpoppers out there and especially shawols and also those who made this years event possible. 

i told you that this year has been rich in experience right? i'll share with you the last minutes events of my 2013. :)

the most wanted precious by price benefit bella bamba 1,600 php at benefit glorietta (dad gave me 1000php,i shouldered the rest)

atlast! i have tasted caffe bene's frappe! and totally loved it! i hope caffe bene expands to more branches :)

after the korean related events earlier this year which was the etude annual playhouse, the kpop republic concert and now kpopcon5 yes i did went.. and saw lunafly! it was far and i wasnt able to go to their fanmeet,but surely lunafly i got my eyes on you! haha shinee and lunafly fighting!

after kpopcon5, i shopped some gifts for the family and my bff and myself!

look at the shinee world handkerchief i got at kpopcon5 :)

mom replaced my kit..

and then this ootd and fotd for yesterdays bff date! 

i got the flower crown from kpopcon5 event.

and finally wore a skater skirt, it's short i am not used to it.

i call this outfit #rebelshawol because of the diamond in black :)

on my face :
skin79 orange bb,holika pore bb,maybelline bb stick,ciracle secret sebum,maybelline bb powder,etudehouse color my brow in red brown,benefit bella bamba,sansan lipstick :)

me and my bff at sm fairview with the minions!

the bff planner, this is what my bff gave me :) 
mine is the right one :)

my last minutes mini haul, these are must haves for cleaning blackheads promise!

and my babies, these is what i'm currently loving,so ready for 2014!


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