Monday, January 27, 2014

I got a compliment! My updated makeup routine :)

I got a compliment that i have a great complexion last friday..(Very very happy!)

I've been wearing this new makeup routine for almost a week and i got a compliment that i look great, then she asked me what BB cream i am using?
I said a different one (she knows i an using skin79 orange)
she added i look greater now not like when i was using that bb cream.

to be honest i really don't know my skin tone like the exact number and shade but i know one thing, I'm freaking pale and lifeless without enhancement,yeah makeup. though i can go out with just baby powder but if you see me you'll say, are you sick somewhere? yeah that expression. 
i have a history of almost leukemia that's why i'm like this. I had ITP back when i was a child,ITP stands for Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) it is where i have very low platelet counts. Platelets were those who stop the bleeding, the doctor often said sometimes it really leads to a Leukimia.
We are very thankful that i was able to overcome it and became normal. Mom did not allow blood transfusions on me,and back then i took many many vitamins like a candy.

So that's why i'm happy to get that compliment. Here's my makeup routine :

i am using bb cream + liquid foundation 
just one layer each..

holika pore cover - has great pore coverage but kind of too light sometimes to even it out i use 
Revlon colorstay oily/combination in nude  - i like it very much! will post solo review soon ♥️

For the brows :
i like the treat and tame because it's not messy and everything here because i love my brows too much. haha!

setting powder more like,who will control oil? them!

the pinkish or orangish look? aye! aye!
i carry them everyday,who loves color? haha!

to smoky and beyond! i was trying to perfect it! i love all!

who's gonna color this pale and chappy lips? these three!
i especially love the smell of sansan, the heart shaped holika holika and a not so vulgar red of nyx ;)

brushes and mascara, here they come. My favorites 💜

perfume and a balm, to keep you moisturized and smell nice.

Let's always be healthy everyone!

Always eat vegetables and drink a lot of water as well as good sleep.

Love Seul 🇰🇷