Thursday, January 9, 2014

If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?

Nuffnang has an upcoming contest!

Yes, I am going to try my luck!

This is my first time joining, i just thought the question is easy but i ended like : "this is harder or equal to Beauty Contest's question and answer portion" hahaha!

If there's something i could give to Philippines it is faithfulness, it's not a physical thing though,
i just thought that if there's something Philippines is needing it's not a physical thing since anyone that has money, anyone can buy.

Someone even stoles it if it can't be bought, right?

Faithfulness is what we need. In other words, true, devoted, committed. It's needed in every aspect of life.

In love, there's trust, it is given to persons that are faithful.

In work, keeping your promises and doing what you are supposed to do. Also being transparent and balanced.

In studies, you must be concentrated while there's a lot of going on, you must be devoted to your studies.

In health, being healthy and fit needs a lot of concentration, dedication and being true to yourself.

Do you guys have anything in your mind? Please comment below, if I won you might also won an Ipad Mini 2!

If you also want to join, please see instructions below ;)

Best of Luck for all of us!



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Let’s extend our gifting and make this start of the year another gifting season!
Let’s all make a wish that will go a long way.

Happy wishing!

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Seul Park said...

What I wanted to have for the Philippines is every Filipino should have a Turtle House. Shelters us all the time and never ever be ruin.

Lois Nicole said...

One thing that I wish I can give to the Philippines is a free medium of communication for every Juan. Every Juan wants to be connected in anyway to another Juan. That’s why we have at least one reunion, gathering, occasions, etc every year. Since we also have a trait that we are hardworking, some of us needs to work abroad or out of town, but Juan’s are known for their Close Family Ties, we can never celebrate holidays, birthdays without any transactions to our closest relatives and friends.

Text messages, video calls, telephone calls, etc. We have to admit that we are worried about our friends and families everytime there a new typhoon that’s coming. Juans are always here to lend a hand to their relatives – even strangers whenever it is needed. Juans are really creative, during the times we don’t have any options, we always find that ingenious ways of solving our problems. It would be really helpful if someone would help me grant my advocacy for every Juan. #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014

Seul Park said...

If I can give something to the Philippines that is immaterial, that would be Discipline. If one person wakes up one morning and decided that "starting today, I will follow rules and the law, I will be a disciplined citizen." And religiously and conscientiously does this everyday for the rest of his life, and other people will see this change and because of this example others will follow suit. If this will be our mentality, don't you think our country would be a better place to live in? Where: - people don't throw their trash just anywhere, drivers follow their lanes, public utility vehicles stops at points only where it is allowed to drop or pick up passengers, people cross where it s only allowed to cross the street, motorists follow the speed limit and are diligent, people know how to fall in line and don't cut in a line, we arrive in meetings on time, we don't vandalize and other thousand more things that we can do to show discipline.

The tangible thing that I want to give to the Philippines
is the gift of Education. I still strongly believe that education is the key
for success; yes, there are those who make their lives and the lives of their
loved ones easier and comfortable by making a living and succeeding in their fields even though they have not finished school. But that's one in a million. Having proper education will still give someone an edge to survive in this world. One can get a better paying job, thus, one will have greater chances of helping his/her family for a better life.

With that being said, to answer the question: "If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”, I would like #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 help me by Adopting a Scholar or Donating to REAL LIFE FOUNDATION.

Real LIFE Foundation is a christian non-profit, NGO that
was incorporated in 2007 with the vision of seeing thousands of marginalized Filipino youth educated, gainfully employed and uplifting their communities. The goal of Real LIFE Foundation is to transform lives, families & communities through hope and education. Real LIFE Foundation is one of the organizations that is in line with what I believe in. Like them, I strongly regard that education is the key to a better life.

The foundation does not only help its recipients by
paying for their tuition, but they also help equip them in most, if not all,
that they will need to finish college and what they'll be needing when they
start looking for a job. They hold personality development coaching for the
scholars and even tackles on how to dress and present their selves properly during job interviews and when they're already employed. Also, the students’ other miscellaneous expenses will be covered, like books, uniforms, OJT expenses and a daily meal & transportation allowance. Because of that the scholars don’t have to worry if they will be able to eat or get to school.

As I've said awhile back, Real LIFE Foundation does not only focuses on the financial side of putting a student in school but also comprehensively addresses the needs of their scholars that will help them thrive after finishing school. This is done through their LIFE Coaching, which
is the character development program of the Real LIFE Foundation and which provides mentoring for their scholars in Leadership, Integrity, Faith, and Excellence.

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