Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Music Update 2013 to 2014

Hello fellow kpoppers!

Annyeong Haseyo ;)

So how did it go for my kpop world of 2013 up to today.. hmmm well, for 2013 i got to go to two events which are :

kpop republic : exo k,SHINee,dal shabet and etc.
kpop convention 5 : boyfriend,lc9,acian, and LUNAFLY ♥️
you see the bias typing there? hahaha!

You know how i love shinee and onew is my ultimate bias and this will be forever, but there's a lot of groups that caught my ear and eye however my heart is just for shinee but not until.. not until i noticed lunafly, i love the song superhero in english version ever since i heard it. I never thought i would love them more after seing them perform! they were the only boy group i watched at kpopcon5 because i wandered at the booths so much. hahahaha!

i wanna introduce to you : LUNAFLY!

left to right :

some facts :

Sam is half british. he can speak english very well as well as korean language.
Yun can sing english very well. This man makes my mind go twice for bias selecting. haha
Teo can sing english and trying it hard to talk english as well. (this is my bias)

this image is screenedshot while watching troublemaker cover.

You can check out their youtube channel for english covers. they have a lot.

My favorites of 2013 are :

SHINee - Everybody,Symptoms,Close the door,Colorful
and the rest lunafly dominated my playlist for their covers (for their korean songs i love Yeowooya,Superhero,Fly to Love, Road Blind,Clear day Cloudy day and some other kpop group there..

My thoughts on upcoming events : 

Ayo 2014 is heating up! 

February is DKFC2 , i like bap and especially btob.. but the rest was just uhm except suju henry. i am not fan of, plus the event is in Araneta. i seriously do not like how they managed the gen ad. so i wont go.

May 17 is 2ne1's concert and it's at mall of asia.. this i would go of course no brainner! haha even for gen ad. :)

i hope lunafly and shinee has plans here in Philippines this 2014. :)

that's all..

- love Seul 🇰🇷


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