Thursday, January 9, 2014

Online Shopping ( Non-cosmetic Haul )

hey there lovelies!

i have mentioned previously that i really like fashion and ootds but i think i'm too chubby to sport those pretty clothes/ or the items.. 

but i kind of gain some inner stength to kinda start it all.. and next month i was hoping to pull of a look, i hope that it will turn out good. I am going to Baguio for the first time! hahaha.. i like traveling but got no time nor a buddy to go with but this time we had a chance, i grabbed it! hopefully everything will be fine.

So what's with this post? Well i'm into online shopping mostly cosmetics but now i ordered a shoes! and a cap! and a beanie (but not yet done) and iphone 5 cases! yeah that was posted previously that i shopped at lazada and to an online store..

so here let's take a look of what i got : 

i bought a cap that has the same brand with Lunafly's i think endorsement photo or sponsor photo or something..
i don't think it's an original thought i'm not it at

it's called hater snapback :
price : 600.00 php

on me :  i was wondering, does it look good on me? do you have any outfit suggestion with this cap? please comment below, i'll be glad to check that out! :)

Next item is an oxford shoes,

unknown brand, imported from Korea..
i just met one of the pretty shoes on earth! haha

where to buy : instagram store @lezshop
price : 950.00 php + shipping..

Last but not the least : part if my wishlist last time. from

My gakubuchi iphone5 case (no watermark because im lazy haha)
Price : 495.00 php with shipping already
Most cases are preodrer because there's a lot to choose from, they also have onhand cases :)

gakubuchi means frame or picture frame in japanese! :)

i love this because it's very thick,my phone is very protected and very stylish!

See you on my next post,

Love Seul 🇰🇷


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