Thursday, January 16, 2014

Party in my ears : Kpop

how are you guys? gals?

i just wanted to share want i've been into these days,how i feel,what do i do.. plans and bla bla. but i'm kinda too busy too lazy to do all of it.  hahahaha so today i'll share my you tube playlist (overused playlist)

topping my playlist was the newest group from JYP 

girls,girls,girls - Got7 ( i also love the joke of the other netizen commenting on yg should debut a new group called gotRain, hahahaha! it shooted my mind i did not lag to get that joke)

Mama beat - LC9
Yeowooya - Lunafly
Road Blind - Bel ami's ost by Lunafly
Something - Girls day
Singing got better - Ailee
Love note - Ailee
Colorful - Shinee
I got a boy - SNSD
Thriller - Btob

Sexy concept - it's so 2011..stahp! it's overused already!
i've been waiting to AOA's miniskirt (overall it's okay) but it kinda disappointed me well most girl groups lately, i'm kinda sick of the sexy concept. I think it's kind of overused as well as the wardrobe function in every choreography i just got attracted in girls day something because of its beat and the bouncing part,it's kinda awkward and not really i don't know haha. the song also was almost 90% minah that kinda reminds me of unfair partition.

KARA News - Omg why.

I'm kind of multi-fandom fan and this group was one of those i like well not to the point that like a die hard one,just a normal one. okay? and its kinda sad to see them part ways, but well as a fan we just have to hope and continue supporting them to what they wanna do in life. 

but not shinee. hahahahaha! kidding aside, i hope shinee will still have more activity before going to the army..yes? yes!!

i'm also looking forward to got7 they got some angst there that i can't explain. haha!

lunafly too, fighting!

2ne1 looking forward to the concert this may! :)

but one of my favorite group which will perform this february which is btob, im kind of sad i can't go. but fighting!!!!

Seul 🇰🇷


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