Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Foundation Journey : Revlon Colorstay Font de Teint Combination/Oily Skin in Nude

ho-ho atlast for the long wait for those who waited,anyway.

time check 12:13 am in Philippines, i am currently on my way home, yes that was right. haha!

again praising the revlon SA in Robinsons Galleria because she was very approachable and accomodating..

i really like this liquid foundation, i got praises ;)
and it stays and holds longer than what i makes me wanna buy the pressed powder if this too. haha!

it was sealed like this :

to the swatch : 
left unblended,right part blended :

a closer look..
i can't barely spot it.. let's see the difference..on my face, hahaha!

on my face : 

update : this is today feb.29,2014

left no makeup,right revlon colorstay with concealer under the eye area only

for reference : ugly no makeup face, haha! 

with bb first coat and the revlon on top :

likes :

lasts long
controls oil longer than usual encounters for liquid creams
does not have the ahjumma foundation smell
matches my skin tone 

dislikes :
can be messy sometimes
since i got it on a discount the next unlikeable thing is to purchase it on regular price. hahaha


Seul Park said...

great review, thanks for sharing :)

keep in touch :)



Seul Park said...

Thank you! :) sure i will ;)

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