Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sansan HD Concealer in Natural

This is one of the newest item in sansan's new collection.

Sansan is a local makeup brand here in the Philippines, their product are very affordable. It has good quality too!

I love the smell of sansan cosmetics but i'm not sure if every item has that smell. i have the sansan lipstick in 6 and 8? if not mistaken, i had a review of that check it out :)

for this one,just because i love cosmetics and i kept on buying i noticed i do not own any concealer. hahaha. 

but i was really planning to get the face shop radiance something because i saw a really good review of the item.. but for the meantime i purchased this because the packaging was cool and the price was really a steal.

Honestly i do not know how to use this so i have this error in application.. i have sets of picture in here, i have it applied after bb and liquid foundation hahahaha then today it goes first after the moisturizer/serum. let's see first the packaging shall we?

this was the lightest,i guess i bought the wrong shade..

i told you the price was a steal..

i thought i bought a defective one, i keep turning and turning no cream was coming out then the last turn it was really a lot of product, you see below :

here is where i applied the concealer last.. then put setting powder after,

from the left: bare face,with bb and foundation,with concealer.

today,the moisturizer then concealer then revlon colorstay liquid foundation and setting powder..

left : bare face, with concealer,with foundation on too, the last image was i smiled to check, well i still really have aegyo sal. puffy ones. do you agree?

concealed? i guess so..

here is a throwback picture :

beware haggaaaard... oh my what's with this..asdfghkll hahahaha.

and the second image, uhm sooyoung of snsd. hahahaha pig version! hahahaha!

have fun!

Seul 🇰🇷


xtina_gorgeous said...

Hi there,

I have 2 dark blemishes on my skin. That is a size of a 5 cents coin. Or maybe a bit smaller than that. I'm currently using San San Soleil Matte Foundation on my face but it failed to cover those freakin blemish. Do you think this would be a great product to use?

Or let's say if I use this,would this compliment with my Nichido Pressed Powder? Thanks.

xtina_gorgeous said...

i just bought this concealer i beg to disagree that it has a great coverage for skin imperfections. I tried putting it on my 2 dark pimples...It conceals it very lightly....I think this is just perfect for very light marks or blemish. Or the reddish ones...

Seul Park said...

Hi xtina, I apologize for the late reply. I've been inactive for a couple of months. I'm not really sure of the answer 'cause i've never tried the product for a very long time.

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