Thursday, January 16, 2014

Skincare : Routine update!

Pores? shuuuuuh! Blackheads? shuuuh too! hahaha..

of course my number one problem is oilyness and then there comes my pores.

why did they even exist. oh yes to make pore cover makeups lol!

i think i kinda understand why other countries people have less or minimal pore problem,most of them have dry skin, why? because of the weather!

oh god our dear country was summer all year round! i wanna experience snow.. we'll get to that someday :)

by the way i have updated ny skincare routine, this one i do it twice a week, but there are items that i am using daily or every night..

apologies i do not have before pics,ill just update it maybe next week..

First off expand pores, lol.
since it's done in the clinics yes the one that specializes in the face the derm clinics. the hot air with moist,yes the dictionary please, oh i remember it's steam. 

we have caolion here, blackhead steam pore pack. i forgot to measure temperature while it's on my face..but woah it became really hot, it's tolerable anyway.

next step, wash face with blackhead soap and use this goodbye blackhead off cotton mask. (image from

next you must use cotton swab to remove blackheads on nose,sincerely it comes off after this or you can use the pimple popper the one with the hook on the other side if you guys are familiar to that,it's really effective.

then it's time to close pores,

here we have caolion white cake pack, smells like wheat? just baby-ish and almost not noticeable i love it!

see the left side : pores hello!

here i added the caolion t-zone pore pack, it is the only red tube in this group picture :

it's a t pore mask lol

then after washing this off,apply ciracle 
pore tightening serum,

let it dry then, lastly caolion sleeping pack. there it goes my top two brands for my freaking oily and porsey face. wuahahahahaha, porsey, wtf.

seriously i love this even it's preorder and freaking expensive.

by the way my daily moisturizer is holika holika i forgot the name it's something in a big jar and green. yeah that one was nice! 

my only problem left is there a bb out there or fpundation that stays on face like more than 4 hours without heavy blotting? oh yeah i forgot im using the holika holika pore cover bb and when i head out for work, arrival in the office has a sifference og like 2 hours, and yeah heavy blotting there, nose area and pores area lol, i mean nose zone then sometimes forehead.

here's an after picture of me :
100% not edited except watermark.


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