Sunday, January 19, 2014

The annoying haul : Revlon 500php off from Belle De Jour

why was it annoying? it's because of freak SA's and Cashier and as well as the in charge who should have noticed them.

why am i so annoyed? it's because i just badly wanted to use the coupon from belle de jour, which was the 500.00 php off when you avail 1,500.00 php in Revlon, so if you do the math you'll just pay 1,000.00 Great deal isn't it? If i was just not tossed over it would have been the greatest i've ever availed. But not so here is the story :

I went to SM Fairview department storeto avail it but the SA was not sure how she'll use it because there's no barcode. Then they have decided to accept the coupon but when we are already at the counter, the counter seems to be disappointed because she said there's no SM department store in the coupon. That is watson,girl? just inside dept. store but still i understand. 

Next i went to the Watson stand alone inside SM Fairview,the SA welcomed me with they i can't use the coupon in there because it wasn't implemented by Watsons yet, i was offended as she really have to say that like she was expecting me already. she also mentioned that there was still no approval coming from head office or somethibg head she said.


and then i emailed belle de jour team :

Hi Team,
I was about to use my coupon today the coupon image has been attached, it says there that it was valid on all Watsons and Revlon Outlets, but i went to Watsons SM Fairview today to use it but they said there is no approval yet from the head office, but the offer is valid since January 1,2014. I just wanted to use the coupons, do you know any branch or preffered branch that is knowledgeable about the promo and won't question me anymore for it's validity or legitimacy? Thanks!

then belle de jour replied :

Hi Seul ,
 Thanks for reaching out to us. 
We have already consulted our brand partner regarding this issue. It turns out they are currently having trouble implementing the offer in Watsons Stores since they are just consigned in the store. From our last conversation, we were told that the issue is being sorted out already. :)
 In the meantime, you may use the coupons in other outlets mentioned in the coupon -- Robinsons Dept Stores has no problem accepting it. :)
 Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. 

After this email, i went to Robinsons Ortigas, the REVLON SA there was very nice and approachable. i think my next reply to belle de jour team tells the story so here it is :

Hi Cath, 
thanks for the very prompt response, i am currently at robinsons galleria right now, the revlon sa acknowledge but the cashiers still was unknowledgeable about it,does all coupons go like this? im starting to get annoyed. Last year i was not able to use any coupons and gladly i did not because i was not able to experience this annoying things.

it feels like begging. i know 500 pesos is a big difference but come on it was really part of what i bought for the planner.
The good news is the SA was really nice and really approachable and also backed up with proof like emails that the promo has started already since january. I was able to use the coupon.

So here is the annoying haul :
costed 1,575.00 php
so i payed 1,075.00 php only.

My advice just go there at Robinsons Department store to claim your revlon discount.



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