Saturday, February 22, 2014

An attempt to cosplay Barasuishou from Rozen Maiden

tadaaaaaan.. hahaha i was trying to cosplay Barasuishou from Rozen Maiden.

Honestly i just know a bit about her that she is not a real Rozen maiden doll and was just copied from Kirakishou something like that. I watched one video and she was a villain. i really don't care i just want her looks hahaha!

Hey She's a pretty villain!!! :)

inspiration :

So there's a lot of missing points so i call it a fail cosplay. but hey I'm a pretty villain,hahahaha joke!

but before i show my fail cosplay let me show you what i ordered from doodled works (@doodledclayworks) in Instagram.
here are the inspirations :

result :

i super duper love it!! :)
this shop is easy to talk to, very friendly and of course can make your dreams come true! 

it's not my first time to do business with her, here in this picture you'll see the flowers i previously ordered. 

they were plain flowers i just arranged it to become a bracelet,pendant and earrings :

moving to my fail cosplay :

my makeup was simple :

products used :

face : bb cream + setting loose powder

under eye : concealer and brightener pact


blush and lippies :)

Result :

eye color is edited..

the sword was made from styrofoam not the one that was found on book stores it was actually a support of a new computer meaning it was those we see when an appliance is new (foam from the box). i only painted it using lilac spray paint.

hahahaha i love roses!


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