Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blush : Face off!

blushes oh my pretty blushes!! hahaha..
i hope to get one tarte clay soon :)

will share some quick swatches tonight..

just click on the photo to enlarge it.

this is all the blushes i have right now :

from left to right :
it's skin,etude house,majolica majorca,holika holika,benefit,hard candy and Mary kay. (i already have individual reviews,will link them all tomorrow 'cause right now i'm editing this on phone.)

it's skin : too pale for me but sometimes it works out. i love the color not on me but just literally.

etude house : just right i guess. i love the shade. pastel,calm,matches the no makeup makeup. haha

majolica majorca : love this but sometimes it does make me dark. hmm just for normal day. more of like if i don't want a noticeable blush.

holika holika : omo. this blush is too much red ottoke? i use this rarely.

benefit : my almost everyday happy blush! do i need to explain more? haha..

hard candy : haven't tried yet but it kinda seem to be flexible as it has 4 shades.

mary kay : the blooming blush. i love it too next to benefit!

see you on my next post! 



Seul Park said...

So many blush! Haha which Etude house blush is it? And I like holika holika & Mary Kay colors and pigmentation the most :D

Seul Park said...

Haha yes so many and loving it :) Sometimes holika blush is too obvious haha, i love the mary kay too unexpectedly..and the EH blush was Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Strawberry Choux ..

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