Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blush : Hard Candy Fox in a Box Spicy and Sweet

got hooked from Benefits blushes because they are pretty and pretty expensive hahaha! but atleast i wasn't even a bit disappointed to what i have.

i just gave a quick thought that maybe these blushes of hard candy might be a great dupe for those expensive blushes because they almost look alike except for the wasted-broom-like brush they had. 

whose idea was that brush? hahahaha!
so i bought this at (@kcosmeticsph) in instagram,tigether with the brush guards that i love!!

kcosmetics is a great store,visit them in instagram and facebook :)

there's this kinda rock chic vibe on the packaging! hahaha

i love how they did this : "we ♥️ heart our animal friends"

hello wasted-broom-like brush!

i tried to fit in the etude house brush the princessy-ribbon-pink brush in the garter,
the one on the right of this pic.but it just won't fit. hahaha!

anyway,here are the swatches :

1st : upper left shade
2nd : upper right shade
3rd : bottom left shade
4th : bottom right shade

and when you combined you'll get this :

haven't tried it on my cheeks yet but tomorrow i'll be updating this post.

so far so good but i was expecting it to be pinkish but did not much,or maybe ill use the lower shades but not the upper shades then maybe ill get pink! haha..

likes :
has four shades
pretty packaging
does not have weird smell

dislikes :
wasted-broom-brush. hahahahaha! 

ill update this! promise!


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