Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Calligraphy and Postcard

Hallu hallo hello heller!

How are you guys doing? I missed the chilly nights and the breezy afternoons already, i can already feel the itch of summer as i an already getting allergies.

So where exactly this greetings are from? It's from Eula :)

I got it because i was one of those early birds who read her post here.

I like and want to learn calligraphy but always busy and not paying attention to it. But because of Eula, i'm now thinking of pursuing it, since i wanna personalize my blog layout or theme, i guess it will give a personal touch..hmm,looking forward to it :)

So here i found Waldo already! I won't tell where, hahaha!
I also love Eula's writing skills, unfortunately i had to blur my address part. Haha i'm sorry about that.

'Till next post card. ♥



Seul Park said...

cute and beautiful...I'm also palnning to get the calligraphy set Eula got from amazon

Seul Park said...

Hi Arya,I researched and i saw that there's a store called Deovir and has a branch at 3rd Floor of SM City North EDSA..hmm, but i'll try to look at National Book Store, i can't buy at amazon because of shipping issues. haha,

Seul Park said...

by the way Arya i cannot comment on your posts, are you also using disqus?

Seul Park said...

I believe a friend of mine got that set from Deovir; hopefully they still have it in stock. Just note that the set does not include flex nibs, the kind I used to write this postcard. There are Speedball sets that do though!

Seul Park said...

hmm, what was that for? I wanna achieve the cursive lettering like that, maybe it's perfect for blog header..

Seul Park said...

Flex nibs are for writing like how I did on the postcard :)

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