Monday, February 17, 2014

Emergency Couple + Kpop + Fairy Kei + Barasuishou +

Here we go again with random updates. 

Don't worry i will bomb review posts on thursday to sunday, yehey i will be on leave starting thursday because the supposed to be Baguio trip has been cancelled due to work reasons of my co travellers.

What's with the title? they are all topics. Come on let's go!

• Emergency Couple
Everyone's almost addicted! I mean come on, out of all the medical dramas this is the one that i really followed. But damn do you really have to air a special episode in the middle? well atleast the heirs did the special episode after.

• Kpop
My current favorites :
I'm a new vixx fan my bias is uhm ehm it's hard to choose but here's my list :
Vixx : thank you for my love
Vixx : voodoo doll
Vixx : Hyde
Vixx : On and On
Vixx : Only u
Vixx : G.R.8.U.
Sunmi : Full Moon
Btob : Beep Beep
Apink : April 19th
Apink : Good morning baby

• Fairy Kei :

So this one has a long story. It started when I consulted Misa about what the important points of being a gyaru because i wanted to create a post of me looking like one and also for the ulzzang one. 
I never had imagined i am ulzzang cause when i researched it, the meaning has been altered to someone who does makeup well and especially photoshop and i am not one. From that i still know the original ulzzang is the best natural face,like sandara park :)
With our conversation we finally concluded i'm a fairy kei! i like everything about it and also have some items at home already :)

i'll do an outfit post soon :) and diy's as well. 

• Barasuishou
i really like the doll i've seen back then but i don't know it's name then i posted it in IG.. a lot of comment came in, again thank you very much for the help.

i will try to cosplay her but hair and makeup only maybe? her dress is a bit expensive.

i already ordered a chibi doll of her i think that's about 3 inches with doodled works, images below as inspiration. i also ordered a flower big one to serve as my eye patch and a unicorn ring, once done i will post it!


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