Friday, February 28, 2014

Haul : Contouring and Highlight


I've been recently interested to contouring and highlighting..

so i went to etude today but aloha v line is not available anymore.. so i just purchased this :

highlighter :

and contour :

and some stuff that i just can't stop my hands from getting these :

can you see that fab purse? that's my freebie.

can't wait to try contouring! hahaha ;)


Seul Park said...

That highlight looks really pretty and the BB magic pact looks interesting :) is it powder? I love to see some swatches!

Seul Park said...

hi :) swatches has been added, yes that one is a pressed powder :)

Seul Park said...

Thanks for the swatches, Seul! I like that the bronzer isn't too dark :) I've been looking for contouring powder that isn't too dark. Post more pictures when you use it for contouring!

Seul Park said...

unfortunately it doesnt show on my skin it's for sale or swap for the local makeup enthusiasts right now, tried using it twice but still i can't see anything..but i got two other color for contour ill check them out and post swatches as soon as i can :)

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