Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random Update

Hi gals!

how are you? ughh it's freaking energy draining weeeek. and work. i hate it, i wanted to quit. 

this is just a random update post as i can't post my upcoming yet maybe tomorrow.. i kind of hate how my time only revolves at work. like being pressured and hell i don't have other life than this.

oh i remember i have this instagram addiction going on,haha!

so let's talk about music :
i am currently into vixx's hyde! and ailee's songs and roh ji hoon oppa ;)
drama :
emergency couple!! i'm loving it!
movies : none as of the moment.

events : valentines? whut what is that? haha joke,hmm i still don't have any ideas what kind of look i'll be posting here in my blog for the occassion, i'll make sure to come up with some thing this week.

wishlist! yey here are my wishlist..

all things lavender :)


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