Sunday, March 23, 2014

Contour and Highlight Part 3 : Items i currently have

This will be a quick overview..I'm really not that educated about all makeup uses,even this contour thing but as part of trying this i applied it everyday and it turned out to one praise coming from my mom.. as she oftens complain anout me being pale or whiter than what i am,she said earlier this week that i dont look that white back then. hahahaha. 

as per understanding and i did some research..i got these definitions below :

Contour : Hide the imperfections or just hide. 
Hughlight : Bring out what you want to see more.

Matte Bronzers and darker shades of powders and foundations can be used or commonly used for CONTOURING.

Highlighters,lighter powders,and lightesr concealers can also be used for HIGHLIGHTING.

What i really want was The Balm's bahama mama for matte bronzer and The Balm's Mary Louminizer because of Stella's example but none of which are available locally. So i went out and try these babies that i had.

I have the follwing for contour :

Nyx Matte Bronze in Dark Tan.. the newest and the most favorite among all.

Next up is Suesh in PC02..
this ones is too dark i guess..

Last one is Etude House #5 Shading Corset..this one is too light like almost orangey sometimes.

Bronzer Swatches :

from left to right : nyx,suesh,etude house


Currently i don't have any favorites here i still can't figure out if this higlight thing does any better on my complexion especiall the nose part i like to highlight that but when i'm using these,my nose gets the shiny look that i have when it's oily. ottoke

Nyx in Narcistic,this is currently what i am using in near the eye area..

Next up is The Face Shop High Beam that looks loke Benefit's high beam, this smells great!

Last is Essence Mosaic Pact, this has too much brown in it that it can be used as bronzer but not the bronzer for contouring.

Swatches :

My trials and errors in C&H

Brushes that i used :

1st and second : for nose
3rd : for highlight
4th : for contour

If i'm lucky enough my aunt might get me some of The Balm's :) (wait until May,huhu)

or order the dupes... hahaha, i'm hunting for the next item which are pore hiding primers or mattifying primers! haha :) 

i'm interested to..the following (credits to the pictures owners)

PS : This upcoming week is my last week from work expect less posts to zero. I'm feeling their commands here and there before i leave. damn it.

So i'll be keeping in touch via IG..

Seul Joo 🇰🇷


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