Sunday, March 30, 2014

Contour and Highlight Part 4 : Can't get enough!

So i was planning to buy both The Balm items that Stella was using, as far as my research is concerned hahaha i also noticed that these items were crowd  favorites,almost all well some loves Mac products but the others were you know loves The Balm, the packaging is adorable totally. The only problem is when i was ready to buy, the Mary Lou is not available so i turned down both since i was loving my nyx matte bronzer. (The balm is available at beauty bar,for Ph)

and that day, i ended up buying these :

Bought a primer from Canmake (Somera at Glorietta2)
Brush Cleaner,refill powder and refill highlighter from Ellana Minerals (The Ramp Crossings at Glorietta2)
Blending Brush and Brush Guards from Charm Brushes (The Ramp Crossings at Glorietta2)

I was also planning to buy virginia olsen's crowd favorite sculpting brush but it's not avaikable,just online. i hate waiting for packages. hahahha.

So i did some experiment today, i'm not sure if it's good but the highlighter seems to look over? or maybe i placed to much because highlighter is in a loose powder form..(hoping to buy some jojoba oil later so i can pressed the highlighter i bought from ellana).

brown dotted line for contour,
white dotted line for highlight.

Products used :

All in all :

i think ill just dig too faced instead of the balm, hihi :)


Seul Joo Park said...

Adorable look, girly. I love how dewy your face looks :)

Seul Joo Park said...

hi Ashley, thanks for dropping by :) the first time after all the try hards of contour and highlight, this is also my first time appreciating dewy kind of look.. :) but i think i over contoured my nose haha

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