Monday, March 10, 2014

Depotting : Etude House Proof 10 eye primer

it feels like i am not getting a lot from my primer so i decided to do this..

but before that i wanna inform everyone i already swapped evry item i posted to makeups as well and i have 2 bags and a shoe! how happy i must be, hahahaha! I decided not to do this again or perhaps offer it to the following persona i have swapped to! aside from a rude encounter  i'm proud to say i met pretty people and makeup junkies :)

thanks so much guys!! you know who you all are ;) i hope we do keep in touch, and to thise who will attend Etude House fun run,see you then!

and so back to the topic, so in this activity you'll need a cutter and a container.

i bought mine at landmark the contact lense case.

cut it in half,

and transfer,use a sanitized spatula..

i never thought i can actually use both sides.

tadaaa! done! haha..


Seul Joo Park said...

rude encounter? what happened?

Seul Joo Park said...

yep someone has been rude.let's just say we have conversation (a not so normal one but still our conversation ended with a deal) when the supposed to be d-day for shipping i asked for confirmation if my items can be shipped that day too,i don't get any reply until the next day i vibed and sms no reply. Finally the said person inquired with unknown number, then i said i would like to cancel since I've been following up for almost 2 days then i get a sticker as a reply, no words.

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