Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ellana Minerals : Overview

Many bloggers reviewed and uses this brand so i got curious.

Got my items at (The Ramp Crossings at Glorietta2) 

By the time i was shopping the SA told me that the new stocks haven't arrived yet,so what i got was two refills only. 

I would like to purchase the highlight and contour palette but the brown is not brown it's kind of reddish,but i like the highlight so the SA told me i can avail the refill.

she said it's butter rum coffe but i think it's not? i'm not sure if that was really the name because i saw some swatches it made me confused..hahaha!

You can see the silver shiny packs that was the refills, i don't want unlabelled cosmetics so i did something diy.

what you need is sticker paper then i printed ellana's logo :)

swatch :

the middle one as you can see..she said that was butter rum coffee,the highlight part in their contour palette..

This powder is very smooth and sa said can be used as primer.. that i dont know why. hahaha, but i love this powder! :)

Swatch :

the one in the middle almost unnoticeable. 

I also bought the brush cleaner :

It's love! it smell great and cleanse and dries my brushes very fast!

all in all ellana is love, i was thinking so much to purchase or not the compact type of contour hihi :)


Seul Joo Park said...

Everything looks so fancy & pretty!

Seul Joo Park said...

Hi Ashley, i have the same thoughts too :)

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