Saturday, April 19, 2014

1000 peso makeup challenge

ohkay i just thought i should do this. lol the truth is i don't have anything to do. hahahaha!

i was trying to create atleast a day and night look..

but yeah i think it lacks of you know some factor.. 

this is the day look :

it's simply spreading the natural air sienna eyeshadow by sansan like this in the picture then complete makeup, that's it. 

and night look :

for the night look the sansan deep earth brown shadow as a liner well it looked like it should be a cream liner in my opinion but i got no cheap liner here haha my trusted liners were 500 pesos up, i previously had the sansan cream liner but it kinda dried up and i'm not using it anymore.

the inspiration :

In my opinion this should rather be a cream liner or a pencil that doesn't smudge and i don't have a cheap version of that. Haven't found any yet. But i heard essence has great cream liners though i'm not sure of the price but i think it's not that expensive though.

Let's do the math :

Nichido Classic Mint 80php
Kukuryu Russet 99php
Careline Ivory Refill 65php
Careline Blush 90php
Sansan Natural Air Seinna 50php
Sansan Deep Earth Brown 50php
Nichido Eyebrow pencil chestnut 130php
Black Mascara 88php
Marionnaud Blush brush 90 (got lucky because it was buy 1 take 1 promi at watson but no pair available anymore so they decided to just cutoff the other half.)
Marionnaud Eyes (forgot the price but i think it's less than a 100php)
Noconi (forgot the price but i think it's less than a 100php)
Sansan lipstick in 01 (forgot the price but i think it's less than a 100php)

total : 1,042!!
yey! atleast close right? :)

my hair by the way, learned it from bubzbeauty here : non-heat deep waves

see you next doll-up moment!



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