Monday, April 7, 2014

500 peso Makeup Challenge : Green Summer

Hello there pretties,

I've been having sleepless nights for almost a week and sleepy mornings and this might be insomnia, huhu. One time i really can't sleep so i decided to watch youtube beauty gurus from Philippines and i saw some interesting products so i decided to do a themed makeup challenge. Tagging everyone who is interested too. ;)

This budget is only for makeup products meaning the tools are not included in the budget just the makeup product itself.

and here are the products that i got :

i kinda failed to sum it up to only 500 php.

Kokuryu Summer Cake in Russet
BYS Eyeshadow in 108
Daiso Princess Mascara
Nichido Lip Pencil in Blaze
Nichido Eye Pencil in Chestnut

Kokuryu Summer cake is a cake foundation that can only be used when your medium (sponge or brush) is wet.
I was hesitant with this products even though i always notice them, i thought ah from the name itself cake foundation it must be cakey, lol. Well it's not. and i thought that this might feel heavy too, well it's not too! I was surprised that it didn't cake not just for this post i actually used it yesterday afternoon as we are going to attend a mass,and it was really light and doesn't have the grandma kind of smell. the smell is powdery. Maybe i'll write a separate review.

So here we go : Bare face with different lighting.

Then Kokuryu Summer Cake in Russet has been applied on the right part only :

Then full face :

kokuryu swatch :

Eyebrow filled and Nose contour :
the eyebrow pencil or eye pencil was also used for contour,learned this from shebby the youtube guru who won the last years etude house pink artiste.

then next is cheek contour but i think it didn't show that much :

next is the point of the makeup, the eyes what i used was Just mascara for both eyeliner and lashes i got this technique from shebby (youtube guru).

the mascara i got was quick drying and so hard to deal with as eyeliner i messed up but i remember a makeup hack which looks funny on me lol.

This is the inspiration the eyeliner trick is hard to copy as i mentioned the mascara is quick drying.

However i tried my best to copy the lower lashes i diluted eyeshadow powder to alcohol and made it into paste. however, it was not recommended to use as it stings. maybe clear mascara and then dab a loose eyeshadow powder night be effective. but i'm on a budget so use other workaround instead.

For the last two images i already applied the lip pencil just some strikes only to make the eye makeup stand out more.

The final result :

i enjoyed this and learn some makeup hacks, i'll be watching in youtube more! :)


Arya De Guzman said...

i like how you do your cat's eye! hehehehe, will do it too one of these days

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