Saturday, April 19, 2014

Affordable Contouring and Highlighting

Ah yes i also thought that my contouring posts have come to an end. Only to figure out there's more to discover. hahahaha!

Anyway i used a local brand for this one and also mostly those budget challenge makeups that i posted in instagram those were mostly local brands because they are affordable but if you'll ask me if i'll use those on a daily basis not all will get a yes. No quality issues more on "compatibility with me" issues. 

for tonights post my throwback brand is the star, yes back in college i am using this brand "Sansan Cosmetics" where in 1 ride from our school is the main factory i guess along C5, does anyone in here knows that? hahaha.

Swatches :

Sansan Eyeshadows for 50pesos convert to dollars :

1.13$ each.

Shades were :

Deep earth Brown and Natural Air Sienna.

Anyway, here is the outcome :

tried to copy some tutorial but i messed up in the middle and tried fixing it until i realized it doesnt look the same style already so i did something on my own hahahaha!

products used :

face :

Canmake Smooth Skin Primer
Holika Holika Milky Veil Pore Cover Bb
The Face Shop Radiance Concealer
Fanny Serrano in Organza Two way foundation 

Star of the night :

Sansan Natural Air Sienna
Sansan Deep Earth Brown
Virginia Olsen Sculpting Brush
Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush
Noconi flat top angled brush

Sansan Natural Air Sienna
Sansan Deep Earth Brown
Suesh Eyeshadow in sansan case
Sansan Blackground
Maybelline lasting drama gel in brown
Etude House Brown 3step mascara
Nichido chestnut brow pencil
etude house eyeshadow blending brush
elf eye contour brush
suesh brush
landmark unbranded brush
ever bilena eye shadow in girl case forgot the shade already.

Mary Kay splendid palette used as blush
sansan lipstick 08
unbranded landmark kabuki brush

see you next doll up moment. :)

Seul 🇰🇷💋


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