Saturday, April 5, 2014

Awakening my Korean Soul : Anything Korean Related updates!

Annyeong Haseyo.. it's been a while!

So what is going on in my kpop world? Well nothing much just BTS and oh BTS!!
yeah just last time i'm spazzing with VIXX (until now) but now i have BTS woah woah.. 

Hold on, let me just give you fandom update :

But also let me just quote what EYK said : "it is possible to like a group but not all of their songs" so there are still some not listed in here and some listed in here are not 100% in my song playlists. :)

Girl Groups and solos

2ne1 - Dara

4minute - Hyuna

Apink - Bomi

Sistar - Soyu and Bora

AOA - no bias yet

Stellar - Hyoeun




Boy Groups

SHINee - Onew

Lunafly - Teo

BTOB - Sungjae and Minhyuk

VIXX - Leo and Hongbin and N? (cant decide on one)

Got7 - JB and Mark

BTS - Jin and Jongkook but i love Jimins part too lol

BTS, back to BTS.. i personally prefer them, such badass moves in there and badass rapping. The toughness and the synchronization in dance are the characteristics i fell in-love with :)

Next up, drama.. if i'm right it's the last week of emergency couple already or not? Anyway i love this drama. ;)

and maybe after this Hakyeon's drama is up next to my list, i think the title was Hotel King.. :)

Moving on, how was Korean Cosmetics life? i think i've been trying different local and western brands for contouring so i have no update for this unless we talk about my inner princess :)

Yes, Etude House Philippines has an upcoming event which is a fun run and i also believe that after the run it's already the yearly event of EH which was last years princess academy. Kinda early right? Anyway i'm already registered,running for 5k :)

See you there princesses!

Seul 🇰🇷


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