Friday, April 4, 2014

Contour and Highlight Part 5 : Ana Victorino Way

So this video of Ana was really my guide and it really look easy,well not really but since i already have most if the brushes she used and also got my own versions of materials to i decided to follow it last night.

here is the link of the video :

and here's my materials :

(i haven't tried to put on anything first like she did (she has a i don't know what to call ot pre made? just standby makeup her eyes are done so are lips and the others)..i did not put on foundation just primer then went ditectly on the steps she demonstrated,so please excuse my dark circles)

from the video, here are the steps mentioned :

1. Contour cheekbones with matte bronzers 2-3 shades darker than your skintone ( Do not use shimmery bronzers as it will defeat the process of shading )
2. Using the sculpting brush, sweep fall out or just to remove excess contour using face powder
3. with the same brush but even lighter Powder to Highlight under eye area and bridge of the nose
4. Nose contour using a fluffy blending brush
5. Blend everything together with a kabuki brush si there isn't any harsh line.

and the result : 

Till next contour post ♥️🇰🇷
PS. the eyeliner is eyelid tape hahahahaha!


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