Friday, April 4, 2014

Contour and Highlight Part 6 : Mineralized

this will be the last post about contouring, i found my personal favorites already :)

still Ana V.'s way i think i'm gonna used it for good since it is easy to follow and because it's the best for me. hahaha!

This time i used the ellana minerals Light Roast (Contouring Bronzer)/Butter Rum Coffee (Sheer Gold Highlighter) Pressed Mineral Blusher Duo, tigether with my favorite brushes and some essentials..
Also in this look i used my virginia olsen Purple Unicorn Eyeshadow.

Same process which is :
1. Contour cheekbones with matte bronzers 2-3 shades darker than your skintone ( Do not use shimmery bronzers as it will defeat the process of shading )
2. Using the sculpting brush, sweep fall out or just to remove excess contour using face powder
3. with the same brush but even lighter Powder to Highlight under eye area and bridge of the nose
4. Nose contour using a fluffy blending brush
5. Blend everything together with a kabuki brush si there isn't any harsh line.

1. I used ellana's light roast for contour..

2. To sweep fall out i used

3. To highlight,i used Ellana's Coffee Butter Rum

4. Nose contour is still ellana's light roast
5. adorable kabuki

Results :

Adorable. lol. additional info :

Eyes, Cheek and Lip :

all products used tonight :


HelzNguyen said...

That kabuki brush looks so pretty and SOFT :) your makeup looks cute!

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