Sunday, April 20, 2014

DIY : Magnetic Palettes

ohkay! i love switching palettes i mean not just palettes but compacts as well especially if the compact has this princessy design! :)

so i tried doing this diy magnetic palette :)
and some creates their very own from random materials but this tutorial that i have found is hassle-free! love it!

i found this tutorial on youtube : 

but we have a bit material differences cause i can't find any duct sheets like that in the video as well as the magnetic sheets i got does not have adhesive side so what i did was just use double adhesive tapes.

here it is :

i got my watercolor palette at national book store 48php 
my magnetic sheets are from cdr king 5 sheets 120 pesos or i saw another at 10 sheets in natuonal book store at glorietta for 280 pesos hella expensive yeah? maybe that one has an adhesive side.

here's what i got a girly girl winx lol.

when you open it ..

take off contents, i got lucky since theres no extra plastic thing to take off from the inside just the handle.

i also took off the winx sticker lucky as well that it kind of did not leave any harsh  marks..

this is where the handle was..

then this is the magnet sheet..

trace the palette..

cut it off fit and place it on..

i can't decide whether put some design or leave it as it is so i just covered the whole window hahahahahahaha!

had extra fun so i decoded to do more hahahaha..

see you next diy!

love seul 🇰🇷


Pauline Reyes said...

Thanks for the DIY! I wish I have the talent and skills to do this!
~Pauline @

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