Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nichido Beauty Cake in Classic Mint and Kukuryu Summer Cake in Russet

From the word cake all i have in mind was the word "cakey" as well.
Heavy coverage and heavy feels with grandmotherly scent. When i was high school i went to a graduation ball to sum it up i ended like i swallowed a lot of flour lol. I ended up having white caked face like im a ghost or something. Back in college graduation too,but not that harsh anymore but still white. All i know is what they have applied to my face was this item,maybe not or maybe they applied to much.

I bought this to gave the product a second chance and it is also intriguing as some of those makeup lovers really love this product. 

Aside from being activated by water i don't have anything more to complain about this products,let me just correct my impressions,maybe the products used to me back then is not this brand or also maybe they have put a lot thats why and also sponge is one factor. Remember the misha sun balm that i had with grandmotherly bothering smell in the sponge.

what i like about this product :
- light to heavy coverage,this depends on you.
- not cakey really!
- it does have powdery smell,mild and gentle not the grandmotherly smell of cosmetics
- feels very very light on skin
- it's super cheap
- no more cracking powders, and no more fall outs.

It only requires effort as you can only use this when your medium is wet (i.e,brush or sponge)

also for oily skin like me i had to blot and set a powder after as usual. 

here is the coverage test :

Nichido in Classic Mint :

Kukuryu in Russet : 

i had a burn in my hand due to cooking.

let's cover it :

Great right? and super cheap products.

Nichido at 80php and Kukuryu at 99php available at sm department stores and landmark. :)

have a fun summer :)


Xena Agatha Dela Cruz said...

Hi, i'm a newbie in make up but I already owned a kokuryu summer cake
which you used in comparison with nichido beauty cake.. With this summer
cake, I looked like ghosts in pictures with flash. Does this thing
happen for nichido?

Seul Park said...

Too much maybe would make you look like a ghost. but in this review i did not compared them more on seeing how it works over the burn that i had to cover. :)

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