Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recovery Haul 2014

After the vacation, actually the morning after the arrival in Manila, i don't feel good, add the heat and boom i'm burning at 40 degrees.

this is my first haul from eastwood, i bought naturactor, a new shades and a necklace clock :)

2nd haul, this was yesterday,
as we know i got burned a bit so i wanna put the whiter me back, lol. Also i loveJohnson's  active fresh bath and powder, it's something gentle 💙

the vaseline lotion said it has an instant whitening effect, but it wasn't really visible in person and in conparison with the milk lotion.. i think i'll try another but here i got a picture :

let me share my throwback picture with you hahaha.

like much whiter and skinnier. lol.


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