Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Getaway 2014 : Coco Beach, Puerto Galera

We want to go to Palawan but my uncle doesn't really like the idea of flying, hmmm. So we went to Puerto Galera instead. 

Coco Beach is a private beach resort, unlike white beach. But they are both white, lol.
They said the "white beach" ( white beach is really the name of that beach) is like boracay's beach, it has bars and open to public for free i think..

This is an appreciation post, mostly containing images but not watermarked, haha. Too many too watermark.

So we purchased a 3 days 2 nights package for three pax, package includes free breakfast. Tours not included.

From ermita ( where the coco beach office is located ) the van will take you to batangas port and then a mid sized boat will take you to the beach ( for 30 minutes )

Upon arrival in the beach resort, they'll welcome you with an opening song and free pearl necklaces, also a fresh coco juice. 

and i don't drink coco juice, pass! haha!

then you do your own business there, whichever trip you want. but i'll share wonderful pictures. 

Our room..

Our room is freakin' located upstairs! super on top. migash!

but the view is amazing..

ahhh-maziiing, breath takiiing..
we went snorkeling but i dont have underwater camera, the corals are awesome. the giant clams as well but the giant clams are way too deep.

fishes there's a lot! the only down i have is our beachfront, it has a lot of mini corals..and i had to buy aqua shoes so i can swim comfortably, we went to another private beachfront which was the third picture below.

the first and second panorama was coco beach, it is shallow i mean you can go far and still neck deep but way too many corals.

this is another beach front, it was called..

the entrance was 10php, and tgere. were no corals on the beach bed but the sand is not actually sands.. it's mini rocks but not sharp and the water is freakin cool, i can also say it's kind of medium deep, can't go that far but i love it i can swim comfortably :) ( by the way this guy is my uncle! )

bonus photos :

these are the corals on coco beach front..

check put my instagram for some short videos..

Seul Joo


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