Sunday, June 8, 2014

Foundation Journey : Naturactor

Naturactor Finally! :)

It's a freaking expensive lol.. for 600 pesos each. O fancy the green 'cause of it's color. Mint ya know :)

This time i used naturactor 171 as concealer while 140 as foundation.

with Canmake primer under and Essence all about matt fixing compact powder on top.


with Essence on top :

I'm still testing this as well like the Revlon whipped cream. However i've tried this twice already. I can say the oil control is not for me.

But, I am impressed on the coverage with just one layer.

You just have to be careful as it looks awful when you put too much and when you have dry areas, be sure to moisturize well.

Repurchase? 50/50


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