Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lippie Madness : In2it Colourshine Lipstick in Ochre

iSo i had this mini adventure again on looking for lipsticks that works wonders on my lips.. i have this very pale, chapped and dry lips. oh gosh horrible so i can't use matte ones. it cannot glide on my lips.

so basically this is what it looks like :

so i mentioned it many times that Sansan a local cosmetic brand here in Philippines that it works wonders on me however, it only has two shades  that i like and both were bright,06 and 08. 
Then i started liking nude lips for everyday wear and just not to take too much attention.

Finally, i found this In2it lippie :)
this is so freaking lovely.. for my condition i don't really bother reapplying on lips because it's dry and it needs moisture.

Pros :

Glides smoothly
The super nude lips ever
Classy Packaging
Available locally

Cons :

none so far

Seul loves it! 💜💄


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