Monday, August 11, 2014

Addicted. Hiatus. Into Good Music.

I missed posting, but i'm kind of busy and always exhausted by the end of the day.

Also some sort of addicting games are getting out of control hahaha, yes I am playing Clash of clans lately, I am now level 42,TH6,Silver I league. hahahaha!

Also in watching multiple dramas.

Trot Lovers
Marriage not dating
It's Okay it's Love
High School Love On
Surplus Princess

and It's Okay it's Love is my currently at my number 1, as well as it's soundtrack. ♥♥♥

I just came back to work as well today, had 40 degree fever since Thursday to Friday. The doctor said i had blood and urine infection. WTF. haha!

I'm enjoying my bangs right now. hahahaha!
and just right now i am hungry. hahaha!


Honey Gutierrez said...

I just found you online while browsing different blogs. And I LIKE YOU! Kasi you are watching Korean Dramas. haha! That is something we have in common I love the idea that we are watching the same dramas right now. MARRIAGE NOT DATING is my current favorite. Nice meeting you here ;) I'll keep visiting your blog haha :)

Seul Park said...

Thank you dear, i also love meeting peopl who does have the same interest as mine. :) and this, sobrang nakakataba ng puso :)

Honey Gutierrez said...


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