Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm still existing

hi to all!

I guess I have too many absences, right?
This life is stressing me too much. Like come on give me a rest. Anyway for my so called makeup/skincare life.. what i have right now is Belo Acne Pro.. will try this if it will work on me because as we all know i'm super stressed and yes pimples got in the way hahaha.

In case you guys are curious, here it is :

Hi Sarah G! haha..
will update progress asap.

Aside from this i'm still addicted to clash of clans hahahaha. 

Music, hmm not much kpop, i've been to spotify so say hello to Ed Sheeran 💜

Food, green tea all over. haha

i'll be back, asap 💜
wish me luck on everything, thanks guys!


Jenna said...

Cute pictures! I totally get you with stress making you break out! I use Neutrogena and it seems to work pretty well, anyway cute blog! Love your photos!
-Jenna <3
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