Monday, June 29, 2015

Apartment Eight Dress for sale (worn once,large)

hello there gals! 

It's like forever! hahaha.

I wish there would be more time to post and more topic as well.

What happened to me? I've got employed to a company where in phones are not allowed inside while working and.. i want them to be impressed so i don't browse as well. 

Got a bf as well not the psycho ex ldr one, we broke up back in february because he is an asshole haha! he's a control freak very far from my present. the attitude will kill you.

Anyway, moving on..the title of the post is i'm going to sell my love lots dress that i wore once in an event. Mom does not like it.

Size : Large
Color : Teal

here's when worn :

on me :

me and my bf : ( I'm only selling the dress tho) hahahahaha!


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