Monday, June 29, 2015


hallluuuu there!

I would like to go back and blog about makeup soooo..

here's my wishlist, hopefully to get them all tomorrow :

I'm almost running out of stock hahaha!

credits to the real photo owners, i just grabbed them via google search.

my browcara that lasted for the longest time so it's a repurchase.. 

I read somewhere if i'm oily i shouldn't use glossy lip products or blushes i just can't help using my sansan cause it wont make my lips dry but will try the ff : 

Nyx soft matte ibiza or monte carlo..or buenos aires

something maybelline, i hope they are available in here. wearable purple.

and nyx as well

concealer too..

for blush i won't leave my benefit bella bamba and my milani i forgot the shade lol but will try :

this is a preorder so.. haha goodluck!


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