Sunday, July 5, 2015

Love ❤️

So happy and contented (not by makeup) hahaha.

Almost 5 months together with babe..but it feels like years already. 

You choose your happiness, you are the judge of your decision. Just like picking up a shade of lipstick it's that hard in decision making department, however by the end of the day, you still have to make one.

One of the best decisions this year was to be happy, free myself from prison holding relationship. I did not play with feelings so don't mess with mine, I'd rather be happy than suffer, call me selfish if you want, unica hija anyways.

Three month rule does not apply to the three month prison relationshit. So after a month, almost a month i made the happiest decision, which is to be with him.

First trip together : Baler,2015

My camewhoring sessions :

His birthday :

1st formal event :

Stay strong, stay together.

I'm posting this because i wanna say thank you, and sorry for my mood swings this week. I love you!


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