Sunday, August 9, 2015

Team Orange : Mac Sushi Kiss

I was active in IG as always but major breakdown when i discovered #prelovedmakeupph tag and as well as #prelovedmacph tag. I ain't that inlove or into buying high end brands, they cost too much you know. So in IG those tags you'll see products like MAC,Estee Lauder and YSL ranging 500 pesos to 900 spmething but they are preowned by someone, sometimes swatch only then sometimes used twice, so i chanced at a mac sushi kiss..used thrice as per seller selling at 550 but was unable to get it because bf does not approved of preowned and it got complicated meetups, so the ending is i bought a brand new one :) 

Where to buy/How Much?
MAC Store Trinoma
1,000.00 pesos.

Swatch :

On me :

Likes : 
color payoff - i did not expected that it will look good on me.
staying power - all good for me.
packaging - neat,classic.

Dislikes :
price hahahahahahaha! it's mac tho.
it accentuates my dry lips has lines but not that bad.


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