Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hair Update : Kolours Balinese Brown to Light Ash Blonde

A long delayed post hahaha!

Got myself a diy hair color at home, Kolours Balinese brown.

(no watermarks too lazy)

Before :

After :

Colour hardly show off lol

this one made justification tho..

Did i like that? 50/50 has strong smell has ammonia. aiming to get lighter hair so no repurchase plans yet.

I'm due for rebond! so availed 2,599.00 promo of rebond+treatment+color+brazillian at Mary Pauline Salon.

I orginally asked for this :

but then stylist said your hair is still dark let's just try lightest possible and so here we go..

picture overload haha because the salon is instagram worthy!

before :

after rebond cream :

after hair iron process

oilyness ew

then after everything :

our bff selfie :

when i got home :

way to go for lighter/ashier hair! :)


Juvy | Plump Cheeks said...

Your hair is beautiful! The salon did a great job rebonding your hair!

Seul Park said...

i'm very impressed as well :)

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