Monday, October 19, 2015

Big Spender - Mac/Anastasia/Tarte/Bdellium

I was never a fan of expensive makeups, higher brand, high end brand whatsoever. It got changed, i was purchasing Mac items like here and there tho i can control haha.

these are my big spends as of the moment :

1st item Bdellium kabuki brush, got it at 1000+ php shipping included

2nd Mac Fruit Cocktail lip liner, 1,000 php at Mac Counter Trinoma.

3rd Mac Sushi Kiss lipstick at 1,000 php at Mac Counter Trinoma

4th Mac Redhead fluidline brow gel creme 1,100 php at Mac Counter SM North the block.

5th Anastasia dipbrow pomade in blonde 1,120 plus shipping 100 php at

6th the last and the most expensive, tarte pinup blush palette, bought 2nd hand (1st owner swatched it lost box and pins) priced at 2,500 php (why? for my bday of course)


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