Friday, October 9, 2015

Puerto Galera : Second Time Around!

Hello Gals!

Delayed makeup reviews will be posted in a week or so, sorry i'm adjusting to the new schedule we have.
for the meantime let's do a story telling, hahaha!

My title is : Puerto Galera : Second Time Around!, is because I have been there last 2014 let's see..It's here i posted it : Puerto Galera 2014

However, like my first time there, my second time is a fail, still, because i don't have underwater camera., but! I can assure i already mastered the map of entry of Puerto Galera! hahahaha.

Sabang Beach - beside this is Coco Beach, (my coco beach 2014 post) coco beach is isolated due to island curve. You can access land to go to other location by exiting coco beach main inland entrance.

Muelle Port - if not summer season and your destination is White Beach, they will drop you here and then it depends on your hotel if someone will wait for you there or you can ask for a tryke service to go there.

White Beach - white beach. haha!

from Batangas port, the neareast is Sabang then Muelle, then White Beach.

picture from the waiting area of batangas port.

Our hotel and room : 

Food and activities of our stay :

we ate local food such as bbq's of the locals and they are awesome!

you'll ask the breakdown? i have, haha!


room and fare = 4,836
room : 3,000
cab : 120
fare : 328+328
boat : 1,060

1st day and night = 684
lunch 150+105=255
minimart = 205
dinner inasal = 224

2nd day and night = 3,010
breakfast = 45
tour = 1,700
lunch food pizza = 690
minimart = 135
dinner = 440

last day = 509
breakfast 344
chocolate 165

Souvenirs = 1,360
pastillas 200
tshirt 110
tshirt 110+180+110
1st batch souvenir 100:150
2nd batch 200:200


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